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Early Voting: June 3rd - June 11th | Election Day: Saturday, June 15th
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Who We Are

We’re moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters; we’re homemakers, teachers, lawyers, and small business owners. All of us share one thing: we’re committed to making sure Irving is the best place in America to raise a family.

To advance that goal, we’re supporting Luis Canosa for Council District 4 in the upcoming June 15th, 2024 City Runoff Election. He will stand up for all Irving families and make the city we love even better.

We hope that you will join us.

Our Principles

  • Ensure Irving’s cultural services—including its libraries and arts—reflect the traditional family values of our community

  • Advance school choice by facilitating additional high-caliber charter schools in Irving 

  • Protect and preserve the character of existing single family housing neighborhoods

  • Provide first-rate parks and recreation (including swimming pools)

  • Hold public architecture to higher standards of beauty so that public edifices and monuments properly honor our City’s past and inspire our children to build its future.

  • Plan an Irving that continues to attract world-class businesses while safeguarding the interests of Irving families

  • Stand by first responders, rejecting any efforts to defund Irving Police and Fire, in order to ensure that Irving families always have access to the best resources for public safety.

Our Principles

Our Success

We are hard at work for the families of Irving. In the last few years, we have
had major election victories on city council with John Bloch (District 1),
Brad M. LaMorgese (District 2), and Mark Cronenwett (District 5). Here are
just a few of the accomplishments and ongoing developments we've seen
from our candidates on city council​:

  • Raised the pay of Police, Fire, and other City workers to the 80th percentile to ensure Irving residents are protected by our first responders. Eliminated the first two steps for firefighters so they start with higher pay in Irving. This has resulted in filling vacant positions and more applications for first responder tests.

  • Reformed the Library policy to delink from the American Library Association and ongoing work to address mature content in children’s books sections.

  • Passed a structurally balanced budget and retained Irving’s AAA Bond rating for the general fund.

  • Restored twice-a-week trash collection through a truck driver training program.

  • Completed a safer intersection ordinance to reduce panhandling and other solicitation.

  • Millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements for water, flood control and drainage, and streets.

  • Cut tax rate in 2022, with an additional homestead exemption of $5,000 for seniors providing some tax relief to residents.

  • Successful City Charter Review that preserved and strengthened term limits.

  • Defeated proposal for a permanent non-congregant homeless shelter.

  • Passed funding for several new swimming pools and big expansions of the recreation centers at Senter Park and Mustang Park for nearly $100 million in investment that should be completed in the next several years.

  • Continued push to finish the redevelopment of the Heritage District and Old Downtown Irving.

  • Pushing forward with a new Fire Station 8 near the Urban Center and the new Central Fire Station is under construction near Old Downtown Irving.

  • Approval of smart development deals and economic development that adds to the tax base so the burden on residents is as low as possible.

  • Resisting high-density plans that would change the character of our existing neighborhoods. Passed several new developments for
     gated neighborhoods in Irving, including the Avadene development, a new gated neighborhood in Irving.

  • Stopped City Staff’s recommendation to allow for shed-dwellings that
    would increase crime in our neighborhoods. 


Our Candidates

Our Candidates
Photo Luis outside.JPG
Luis Canosa

Council District 4

Luis Canosa won first place in the May 4th City Council election because he has the best and clearest vision for his District and the future of Irving - a vision that we at Families for Irving share.

Luis knows that Irving can be the best small city in America to live an excellent life. He has bold ambitions and big dreams, but he also has prudent plans to make the bright future of Irving a reality tomorrow.

  • Protecting the innocence of our children by banning inappropriate materials from the city library

  • Restoring law and order, increasing funding for public safety, reversing rising rates of theft, burglary and other crimes, and keeping homelessness and drug addiction off Irving streets

  • Preserving Irving’s quality of life by focusing on building single-family homes

  • Skipping the wasteful $200 million new City Hall and fixing our roads instead

  • Drawing high-paying jobs and high-quality development into the whole city by implementing in South Irving incentives similar to those used to grow Las Colinas in the North

Luis is an elite professional violinist and small business owner who deeply loves our community. He has hosted over 30 free CHARITY CONCERTS in South Irving for families, and he is ready to serve our community on City Coucil!

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